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Friday, December 09, 2005


Sports are a big thing to me. My definition of sports would be something that involves teamwork, something that has some physical work involved and something that you compete in. You have both winners and losers in the theme of sports. The only sport I play and the only sport I love would have to be volleyball. Volleyball is very important to me and I believe it is of significance to me as well. It is significance because volleyball teaches me to always do the unthinkable. Always look optimistic and to always do my best. Volleyball makes me set goals for myself and when I achieve those goals that is when I go above and beyond anything I thought I wasn’t able to achieve.

But volleyball or any sport for that matter is not just significance to me, but to all teenagers. A sport to teenagers gives them something to look forward to. It shows them that they are important and that they do have a place in the world. Teenagers sometimes get depressed and get down, I should know because I am a teenager. But it is the sport that picks them right back up, because in a certain sport you can practice and practice and eventually you will succeed. You will improve yourself and that in return makes you feel 100 times better.


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